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Store Landish Superfood Protein Bars in a cool place, below 20℃. For optimal freshness, keep them in the fridge.

Yes, all Landish products are gluten free.

Yes, all Landish products are peanut free.

Yes, all Landish products are nut free.

Landish Superfood Protein Bars made with spirulina are soy free.
Landish Superfood Protein Powders are not made with soy but they are manufactured in a facility that also processes soy.  

All Landish products made with cricket powder may contain soy because crickets are fed a plant-based diet that includes soy.

9 months.

Landish products are not certified organic. However, some of our ingredients are organic. Examples include spirulina, reishi mushroom, pumpkin seed protein, and sunflower seed protein.

Let’s break this down because these two diets are actually very different.

A low-carb diet is one in which carbs are restricted, but not to the extent that this results in a state of ketosis in which the body consumes primarily fat as a source of energy. A keto diet is supposed to result in a state of ketosis. Despite the word “keto” being thrown around a lot, the low-carb diet is much more popular than the true keto diet because the latter is extremely challenging for most people and definitely not right for everyone.

Let’s talk about the low-carb diet first.

Landish Superfood Protein Powders have 1 g net carb, 15-16 g protein, and 3-4 g fat per 30 g serving, so they are absolutely well suited to the low-carb diet.

Landish Superfood Protein Bars contain 15-17 g net carb, 10 g protein, and 11-13 g fat per 50 g bar, so they can fit within a low-carb diet, certainly much better than mainstream protein bars and energy bars.

Now for the true keto diet.

If you’re truly committed to maintaining a keto diet, less than 5% of your calorie intake should come from carbs. Just take your total daily calorie intake, divide that by 20 to get your total allowed calories from carbs, and then divide that number by 4 to get your total allowed grams of net carbs (since there are 4 calories per gram of carb). Remember to subtract fibre from total carbs to get net (absorbable) carbs. If you’re on a 2,500 calorie/day diet then your allowable net carb intake would be 31.25 g.    

Landish Superfood Protein Powders have 1 g net carb, 15-16 g protein, and 3-4 g fat per 30 g serving, so they are absolutely well suited to the keto diet. Landish powders are actually better suited to the keto diet compared to traditional protein powders because they are only around 50% protein and contain some fat. On a keto diet, you have to make sure you’re not ingesting excessive amounts of protein, as excess protein is converted to glucose, which can prevent you from entering or kick you out of ketosis.

Landish Superfood Protein Bars contain 15-17 g net carb, 10 g protein, and 11-13 g fat per 50 g bar, so they can fit within keto diet, certainly much better than mainstream protein bars and energy bars, but you would have to make sure that you’re severely restricting carbs elsewhere. Using the example above, after consuming a Landish bar, you would have 14.25-16.25 g of carbs left to consume before exceeding the recommended daily carb limit.


Some of us at Landish have tried the keto diet and decided that it was not right for us—we’ve settled into what we call a “carb-conscious” diet and we now seek macronutrient balanceand micronutrient densityfirst and foremost. It’s what allows us to feel our best and avoid any negative symptoms. This does involve seeking lower-carb options because mainstream products contain a LOT of carbs. Landish bars and powders were designed for this lower carb, macronutrient balanced and micronutrient dense diet we figured out is the not-so-complicated secret for us. The other discovery for us: diets don’t work. Only lifestyle changes and habit formation work—the things you will be able to do for the rest of your life. Keto or not, it’s eating with intention that makes the difference in the end.


Cricket powder is quite neutral tasting—a little earthy. We find it combines especially well with chocolate, vanilla and cinnamon, hence our two protein bar and protein powder recipes.

The crickets are farmed and processed into powder in Ontario, Canada.

Landish spirulina is produced in California according to the state's world renowned food safety and environmental standards.

Yes! They’re 100% safe. Humans have been eating crickets for millenia, and now that crickets are farmed specifically for human consumption in Canada, all Canadian laws and regulations applicable to animal rearing and meat processing apply to cricket farming and processing. Compared to the meat-processing industry, cricket processing is much cleaner. They’re simply roasted and ground – much like how your favourite ground coffee is prepared. The plant-based feed for the crickets is also sourced from local farms.

No, crickets would not technically fit within a vegan or vegetarian diet. Vegan diets are usually defined as excluding all animal products, and vegetarian diets typically exclude all meat (defined as red meat, poultry, seafood, and the flesh of any other animal). Since crickets (insects) are animals, anyone following these definitions of veganism or vegetarianism would not eat them.

However, that doesn’t mean vegans or vegetarians necessarily should avoid eating crickets. Depending on the reasons for their dietary restrictions, some people might find crickets are actually a perfect fit for their ethical-consumption goals.

For instance, some people practice variations on vegetarianism, such as lacto-ovo-vegetarians (who eat eggs and dairy products) and pescatarians (who eat fish). These less stringent vegetarians might likewise make an exception for insects.

Many of our customers who eat our cricket-based products are otherwise vegetarian, and they make this exception because they find that cricket powder “checks all their boxes” in terms of ethical sourcing, sustainability, and nutrition.

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