The Benefits of Cricket Powder

  • Super clean, super sustainable nutritional substitute to meat
  • Complete protein with all 9 essential amino acids
  • Loaded with vitamin B12
  • Gut-healthy, anti-inflammatory prebiotic fibre called chitin
What is Cricket Powder?

Canadian Cricket Powder

Cricket powder, also called cricket flour, is made of finely milled roasted crickets. Pure cricket powder has a light and pleasant nutty flavour. Cricket powder’s primary function in foods is to substitute for meat, as it provides a high concentration of the same key nutrients—easily digestible, complete protein (with all 9 essential amino acids), vitamin B12, iron and a powerful prebiotic fibre called chitin—while being much cleaner and way more sustainable.

Landish Cricket Powder Sourcing

Landish cricket powder is made from free range Canadian-farmed crickets fed a locally-sourced plant-based diet and all farming and processing is subject to strict Canadian health standards and inspection. You can’t find higher quality, cleaner cricket powder than this.

The Health Benefits of Cricket Powder Broken Down

Muscle Growth & Repair

  • Crickets are great source of sustainable, complete protein
  • This protein is complete because it contains all 9 essential amino acids, like other animal proteins
  • Protein makes up 60-70% of cricket powder
  • Cricket powder contains 2-3x the amount of protein compared to beef, chicken, pork and fish
  • The 9 essential amino acids must be consumed through diet because they can’t be produced by the body—they’re necessary for muscle growth and repair, and all metabolic process

Brain Health & Energy

  • Crickets are an amazing source of vitamin B12
  • Cricket powder contains 50x more vitamin B12 than chicken and 7x more than salmon
  • Vitamin B12 is:
    • critical to brain and nervous system health
    • necessary for the conversion of food into energy
    • necessary for red blood cell formation
  • Vitamin B12 is not found in plants

Gut Health

  • Cricket powder is full of chitin (pronounced k-eye-tin), a powerful prebiotic fibre which makes up the exoskeleton of arthropods like insects and crustaceans
  • A study found that the chitin in cricket powder was responsible for strong probiotic growth
  • A strong, diverse microbiota has been associated to a stronger immune system, more energy, better mood, and better overall health
  • Studies have found chitin responsible for reducing systemic inflammation in people with irritable bowel disease

Reduce Fatigue

  • Cricket powder contains more iron than beef jerky
  • Iron helps form hemoglobin, which transports oxygen in the blood
  • Low iron levels can result in fatigue; iron may help reduce unexplained fatigue resulting from a lack of hemoglobin

Cricket Powder Field