5 Problems

High nutrient density, in naturally occuring ratios

Our products are made with the world’s most nutrient dense natural ingredients. We don’t believe in consuming or producing supplements of mineral x or vitamin y—we know that it’s the combination of good fats, proteins, micronutrients and fibre that make for healthy, balanced nutrition.

To fight nutrient deficiency related fatigue for instance, consider our shakes or bars which are packed with iron, magnesium, and B vitamins—instead of a handful of pill supplements.

Digestion issues & bloating

Our products are made with optimal digestion in mind. We don’t use pea protein, sugar alcohols, weird engineered sweeteners, inulin (chicory root fiber), or other gassy ingredients—seriously, who wants to feel bloated after eating? We’re also taking a keen interest into the benefits of the ancient process of fermentation, and recently launched our first product made with fermented ingredients.

Suppressed immune system

How could certain functional (or “medicinal”) mushrooms help support the immune system? East Asian cultures have turned to these mushrooms for thousands of years for immune support, long before identifying the naturally occurring compounds responsible for this: beta glucans (a prebiotic polysaccharide) which stimulate immune activity and triterpenes (an antioxidant) which help prevent degradation of cells. Want to give mushrooms a try? Check out our mushroom products here.

Inflammation & sore joints

This has been a problem for me personally so I understand the irritating and frustrating feeling of having inflamed joints. We introduced two products to help address this issue: our turmeric ginger latte mix—in which we were not stingy on the turmeric, which contains the active antiinflammatory compound curcumin—and our new Nova Scotia sourced marine collagen + MCT mix, which you can add to just about anything for joint health support.

Compensating for reduced meat consumption

Are you reducing your meat consumption for environmental, ethical, or health reasons? If you are, you may want to consider adding cricket powder to your diet. It contains all the same nutrition as meat, but with a micro-fraction of the environmental footprint. The crickets are farmed in Ontario and fed a local and pesticide-free plant-based diet—you can imagine why their feed would have to be pesticide-free. The crickets are then harvested at the end of their 7-week lifecycle, roasted after being humanely euthanized, and milled down to an incredibly nutritious, completely natural, whole food powder which contains not only complete protein with all 9 essential amino acids, but also lots of iron and a super gut-healthy prebiotic fibre called chitin (pronounced “k-eye-tin”). This whole process is subject to all the same strict food safety controls as Canadian meat processors. Give it a try in powder or bar form, mixed in with other super nutritious plant-based ingredients!