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    Skin • Hair • Nails • Body

    Marine Collagen Beauty Blend

    Skin, hair & nail support with marine collagen, hyaluronic acid & more

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    For the curious

    Our Beauty Blend contains the same pure North Atlantic wild-caught, Nova Scotia-made marine collagen. However, it also contains additional active ingredients such as hyaluronic acid, biotin, ocean water-derived magnesium, and acerola for its vitamin C and folate. The additional active ingredients increase the benefits of the product for skin, hair, and nails specifically.

    We recommend consuming 10 g of our Beauty Blend daily (i.e. 300 g jar over 30 days) for optimal effectiveness.

    It is recommended to continue consuming hydrolyzed collagen as part of your routine to continue experiencing the benefits.

    Since natural collagen synthesis begins to decline at approximately 1 percent after the age of 20, adult women and men can benefit from consuming marine collagen. Research has shown that regular consumption of collagen can help to promote healthy muscles, bones, joints, skin, hair, and nails, regardless of your age!

    You should start seeing thicker and faster-growing nails within 4 weeks, thicker, more hydrated hair within 8 weeks (new growth), and gradually improving skin elasticity, firmness and hydration from 12 weeks onward. Reduced joint pain can take longer (within 5 months) but it’s worth the wait!

    There is no scientific proof to support the idea that it is more efficient to consume hydrolyzed collagen at one time of day versus another.

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